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 How to gather HERBS for makeing PILLS

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PostSubject: How to gather HERBS for makeing PILLS   Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:26 am

This might sound like a wierd topic, but no no! Actually there is a lot more to it than you might think! There is a lot of thought going in to this gathering of herbs so lets get started!

Okay, if you don't know which lvl of gathering skill you have, go to Dormant Dragon Town and visit the Alchemy Guild herbalist he can tell you everything you need to know about the 6 different lvls of gathering and what you can gather at each lvl!
*Note:To reach a higher lvl of gathering you need to gather - everytime you gather herbs you gain gathering exp! Which will make you lvl in no time, lvl 2 is reached after the first 16mins of gathering ca.



Okay and then you just click About the lvl herbs you want to read about!
When you are done with your reading, off you go to our legion camp!

To get the items you need for gathering, you have to talk to the Alchemist in our legion camp! After you clik her choose Purchase goods (see pic below)

1st you need some fertelizer and then you will also need a Small Herb Hoe When you have bought the things you need, you need to go to the location where the herb is found first (look at the decription of the fertelizer you bought) when you are at the location you can right click the fertelizer, not one minut before!

*Note: 1 durability on the Small Herb hoe lasts about 10-16mins (about one gathering section)
*Note: Remember to buy the fertelizer that suits your gathering lvl!
*Note: if you right clik the fertelizer before you are at the right location the fertelizer will vanish

Now when you are at the location where your herbs grow, open your backpack and right click the Fertelizer and then the Small Herb hoe - and tataa now you are gathering! (remember to be un-mounted)

Herbs suited for lvls:
lvl 1: milfoil and Aromatic herb
lvl 2: Lily of the vally and Thyme
lvl 3: Garlic and Mint
lvl 4: Rainbow Mushroom and Ginseng
lvl 5: Black Nightshade and Datura Root
lvl 6: Rosemary and Blood Lotus

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How to gather HERBS for makeing PILLS
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