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 Chinese New Year!

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PostSubject: Chinese New Year!   Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:10 pm


The celebrations last from January 24 to February 14. We're going to get the party started with a little gift box that contains the following items:

1x Hand of Nihility (automatically puts loot into your inventory)

1x 7 Day Panda Bear Mount

1x Dancing Ticket

1 Gold Soul Crown

You can pick up your gift from the Gift Dispenser (119,66) in Skarabare. You'll only get one, though, and it's only available for characters past Level 10.

There will be a special NPC for this celebration which will reward you with transformations (10 minutes) or buffs (1 hour). Go find the "Lucky Girl" (130,176) in Skarabare and you'll randomly receive one of the following transformations:

Transformation: Moonrabbit
Transformation: Chicken
Transformation: Rooster
Transformation: Dog
Transformation: Lamp

Buff: +10% on all stats
Buff: +10% physical and magical defense
Buff: +10% physical and magical attack
Buff: +10% health points
Buff: +10% mana points
Buff: +10% moving speed

In addition to these transformations, you can also dress your character in new costumes. Just open up the Travelling Shop and treat yourself to one of the brand new costumes!
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PostSubject: Re: Chinese New Year!   Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:40 am

Before u use the panda, make sure u have a stable or u loose the mount u already have
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Chinese New Year!
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