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 Expirience items - Rankings

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PostSubject: Expirience items - Rankings   Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:42 pm

In the pandora boxes you often have a chance of getting more exp as a gift! Which is great BUT to make it clear there is a big difference between the exp you get from the worst to the best item!

(best to worst)
Tyams' Tribute aka THE COOKIE if you get this F*** anyting lese COLLECT ITEM instantley
(the higher you lvl the more exp you get at lvl 78 you get 14mil exp just to make an example)

Namiyas Tribute very nice exp aswell, I don't complaint if I get this

Mithars Tribute Ok but not really worth it if there is any better item in the box try your luck!

Kayas Mercy aka "Try your Luck" (If you get this anything else would be better)

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Expirience items - Rankings
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