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PostSubject: WAR SUPPORT QUEST LVL35+   Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:34 pm

Every week we go to war, when you are low lvl this might suck, you might think so at least! But no, this is a great chance for you to earn A LOT of exp in a very short period of time! And help the relam to become stronger while the higher lvls fight!

War starts at 20:00
Then you go to Crystal lakeside and take the quest from the 1st questgiver then go to the crystals and kill 20 of them!

1st guestgiver + Diamont location

When you have 20 crystals you go to the War officer in Skarabare, if you are lvl 40+ he gives you a choice to teleport to the place you need to go to If he wont let you teleport (this is a bug or you are below lvl 40) then you have to transport your self to the location where you need to deliver your support quest!

War Officers Location

1st Location is active as long as the first flag still stands!
If we are the Deffending Relam the npc is located in the green circle
If we are the Attacking Relam the npc us located in the red circle

Talk to him to get it and then talk to him to teleport back to the crystals, you need to trash 20 crystals and then repport back to the same npc. this quest gives about 3-4mil exp and you can take it as many times as you can make it in 2hrs!

When a flag is captured the location of the npc you have to talk to moves!

more info will be added after war today sry
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