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 How to earn Crowns and Soul Crowns

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PostSubject: How to earn Crowns and Soul Crowns   Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:20 am

1. Do your quests: They give you crowns and soul crowns sometimes even Soul Shillings!

2. Make a party: Make a party with 4 - 5 members of or around your own lvl (max 29 lvls higher or lower than your own lvl), Then go find some mobs 2 or 3 lvls lower than your own lvl and then kill them. Then sell the loot to the imamu!

3. Run Tool Trade: When you reach lvl 49 you'll get a Daily Quest that gives you normal crowns, this is a very nice and easy way to earn great crowns!

4. Partesepait in Legion and Guild quests: Gives you crowns and exp! And helps both legion and Guild a lot!
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How to earn Crowns and Soul Crowns
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