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 I found a Book i dont need.

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PostSubject: I found a Book i dont need.   Thu May 05, 2011 4:11 pm

Jaxar`s Library

Have you found a Tome or Skill book that you dont need?

then dont throw it away or sell it, cause it might be someone else that doesnt have that skill. Sometimes you can find a rare Skill book that is for another class, Its Important that you help the legion grow stronger cause we will help you as well. Skill Books can be found as a drop from bosses or high lvl mobs, but its easier to use some fragments of a treasure map and go treasure hunting. there will always be someone that needs a Skill book.

We have HarvestMoon to thank for founding the Librarians (they are the chars that holds the legions books) to send the books you have to visit the npc in Scarabare [Express Postman (56,200)] and send your books to the Librarians, check this link here:Librarians. But remember, the Librarians are holding different books so be sure to send them to the right Librarian.

if youre not sure what to do then feel free to ask us in the Legion or in this Forum, im Watching the FAQ so i can answer your question within 24 hours if you have some questions about the game.


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I found a Book i dont need.
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